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Should I Have My Furnace Serviced?

Should I Have My Furnace Serviced for the heating season?

If you're still trying to get your furnace ready for the heating season, there is still time! By having a professional service your unit, you can ensure everything is working correctly. A professional can check your filter and clean it if necessary (or replace it if needed), inspect the venting and ductwork for any signs of damage or blockage (like carbon monoxide leaks), and ensure that all parts are in good working order before the start of winter.

If the furnace is serviced yearly, parts will last longer, and repairs can be avoided.

If your furnace is serviced yearly, the technician can identify any problems before they become serious. The service also helps prevent fires by detecting carbon monoxide leaks or wiring issues that could occur in the system. Having your unit serviced is about more than just ensuring that your furnace works as efficiently as possible. It is also about keeping you and your family safe.

A professional service call could save money by catching a problem before it worsens.

It is recommended that you have your furnace serviced once every year for the heating season, but if you need to know how or are not sure about being able to do so, then hire professionals who can do this for you at an affordable price. They can repair any issue that may arise with the equipment and give advice on how best to use them throughout the colder months of winter so as not to waste electricity or gas.

Carbon monoxide leaks cannot be detected without professional equipment.

A carbon monoxide leak can be dangerous. You should have your furnace serviced to ensure there is no leakage and that it is adequately ventilated.

A flue or chimney inspection should be done yearly, but if yours was last checked several years ago, it might need to be cleaned or replaced.

A new or cleaned filter will increase airflow and reduce energy costs by allowing the furnace to run more efficiently.

While a furnace service is generally thought of as something you do once a year for the heating season, it's just as important to have your furnace serviced in the summer months. A dirty filter can reduce airflow by up to 30%, which will cause your system to work harder, increase energy costs, and cause premature equipment failure.

If you want to know how to best clean or replace your filters, ask a professional technician at Noble Heating for advice on how often you should clean them and what kind of filter is right for your home. They can also inspect other components of your system that need attention, such as motors and wiring connections.

Keeping a furnace well-maintained prolongs its life expectancy.

The first thing to know about your furnace's lifespan is that it depends on its quality and how well it was installed in the first place. A professionally installed gas furnace can last 20 years or more, while an unprofessionally installed one will likely need replacement after only ten years at most. What is the best way to ensure your new heating system lasts as long as possible? Have it inspected and regularly serviced by qualified professionals so they can fix any issues before they become major problems down the road.


We hope we've convinced you that having your furnace tuned up is a good idea. We also want to remind you that it's not too late! If you need heating services, give us a call today! (503) 875-8351

Be well,

David Z. | Owner

Noble Heating

Portland, OR

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